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Art...from a heart

  The Artist: Rebecca Hendrix 
Short Bio 

Rebecca is a self-taught artist, with a love for nature and the outdoors.   A birder and photographer too,  she took up the brush as a hobby – to try to paint what she saw but couldn’t catch on camera.  " I knew I had a good eye, but didn’t think I had talent. I was right! "   What she found out is that desire and hard work go a long way in acquiring skills we’re not ‘born with’ – and then discovered her love for painting as a lifestyle – and a pursuit she will never tire of.

It took two hurricanes to separate her from the business world and move her into the art world full time.  Having achieved some career goals,  she became motivated by the challenges of aquiring newer skills necessary to meet the high bars set for entry into galleries and exhibitions.  Rebecca is honored when one of her paintings finds a new home, and wants to continue to make her collectors  proud and confident of their investment in her work by continuing to raise her own bar.  She lost some momentum during the years 2016-18 while aiding aging parents.  The loss of her mother - her greatest fan - motivates her even more now.

"I paint for the sheer love of it – and the people it connects me with!  Artists and art lovers are an awesome bunch!  To be able to greet the day with a brush in hand is a true joy.   To be able to capture a moment in time on canvas and have it bring joy to someone else is an honor and a privilege worth protecting. "

Artist's Statement 

I believe life is too short to be doing anything other than pursuing one’s passion.  I feel most alive when outdoors with easel and paints – alone, or with other artists.  A birder at heart, I am particularly drawn to wildlife sanctuaries – not just to paint, but to experience the day.  If I can't get outside, I will use my photography to help me remember and create a memory.  The magic comes when I just relax and immerse myself in the joy of the studio or outdoors.   It is an added pleasure when I create a painting that draws the viewer into that same place of appreciation of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us – if we will just take the time to see.

A well-known artist I had the privaledge to learn from said it something like this:
"With all the bad/ugly out there...we owe the world the beauty that we see."  I totally agree!

  • *2019 PlantationWildlifeFestival - Thomasville, Ga.
  • 2019 Spring Into Art - Valdosta, Ga.
  • *2018 Accepted into Oil Painters of America...FINALLY!!!
  • 2018 CottonPickin' PleinAir - Boston, Ga.
  • 2017 CottonPickin' PleinAir - Thomasville, Ga.
  • 2016 CottonPickin' PleinAir - Boston, Ga.
  • *2015 27th Annual Gadsen Fine Art Exhibition - Quincy, Fl.
  • 2015 2nd Annual Piney Woods PleinAir Chair - Thomasville, Ga.
  • *2015 ASMA Region South Exhibition - 4/10-6/20, Gadsen Arts Center, Quincy,Fl.
  • 2015 Southern Rivers Exhibition - Camilla, Ga.
  • *2014 26th Annual Gadsen Fine Art Exhibition - Quincy, Fl.
  • *2014 Solo Exhibition "Shorebirds" - Boston, Ga.
  • *2014 1st Annual Piney Woods PleinAir Co-Chair - Thomasville, Ga.
  • 2014 Spring Into Art - Valdosta, Ga.
  • 2013 Flaunt - Thomasville, Ga.
  • 2012 Group Exhibition - Thomasville, Ga.
  • 2012 Southern Rivers Exhibition - Camilla, Ga.
  • 2011 PaintTheParksTop100 winner - Paint America
  • 2011 Southern Rivers Exhibition - Camilla, Ga.
  • 2010 3rd Place Wildlife Festival - Pelham, Ga.
  • Tallahassee Plein Air Painters
  • American Society of Marine Artists
  • Women Painters of the Southeast
  • American Impressionist Society
  • Oil Painters of America - Associate Member


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