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Art...from a heart

 Recent Works 

                         This painting is titled "SUNSET?...SUNRISE?"
                                There is a HUGE STORY behind it.

        I made a whole new website for it and anything that follows...and alot has followed!
        The question 2011...Is America experiencing a Sunset?...and what can I do?
                               The answer was PRAY! ... and MEAN IT!
              See (and hear) much more on the website: 
              View an accompanying video I created and a blog I am now developing.
        Though I continued to paint birds and landscapes... 
                                         ...I have been recently inspired to PAINT SUNRISES! 
        They will be uploaded here soon!
        PRINT OPTIONS HERE for this painting and others below!


Large Reproductions
Large Reproductions

Ask me about doing an original reproduction of one of my finished/sold paintings!  The one here is such a work - a 48x60 inch original reproduction I was asked to do of a smaller painting  (16x20 - can be seen in archive/wildlife section).  This was done on a gallery-wrapped canvas that needed no frame, and crated and shippped.

I will also be glad to paint on unstretched canvas to save on shipping costs - they can be rolled and shipped in a tube very economically. 
Larger reproductions take less time since design and color decisions have already been made.

I LOVE painting LARGE!  Let's talk!

Masterpiece Copies

I love learning from the Masters - and Claude Monet is my absolute favorite.  I love his style, his subject matter, and especially his spirit and his story.  He lived an amazing life and influenced art for all time.  His work is very difficult to 'copy' as he painted strictly outdoors - fresh, fast, and loose.  These works take much time to reproduce - and they are not 'exact' at all.  They are my best efforts though, at this time, and Oh what I have learned in the process!  He is an amazing teacher even though he has been gone almost 100 years.

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